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I'm 24 years old and I love reading books. If i could have it my way, I would read all day, but unfortunately thats not the case. On my blog I do book reviews, and share with you guys what I am currently reading. ♥

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


    So it's Halloween, and what am I doing? Absolutely nothing. So far we haven't had that many trick or treaters. And I'm busy eating all of the Reese's, My Favorite! This month has flew by. We ended up not carving a pumpkin this year. Time just got away from us.
     I love watching scary movies on Halloween, or just in general. I think I have actually seen the Halloween movie at least 6 times, thanks to my b/f who is a Scary movie maniac. He loves them including Freddy & Jason among many others. But movies I loved when I was younger was Hocus Pocus & Halloweentown. Halloweentown was on the Disney Channel. Hey I was born in the 80's & the movie was pretty good when I was younger. lol

     One thing I have always wanted to do is a corn maze. It would be so much fun but also creepy & a little scary all at the same time. Has anyone done one?? I don't know but something about Halloween brings the kid out inside of me. Anyways one day I will do this!

& I wish it was cold enough to have warm apple cider. I love this stuff!
I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!! Until next time. =)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What I Love about Fall!

      Fall is my favorite time of year. Something about it just makes me happy. I love the cool weather plus all of the fall scents, colors, Halloween decorations, and I get to wear boots. I live in Florida so cold weather is very hard to come by. The only thing missing is seeing the leaves change.

Plus I had to get a good Halloween book in there. The book I'm currently reading is the Trick or Treat Murder by Leslie Meier. I got this book last year during the month of October but I never got around to reading it. I love myself a good mystery, especially if I'm curled up reading & drinking hot coco. So far this book is pretty good.
I love fall candles as well. Nothing like having your house smell like delicious bakery scents. And did I mention Pumpkin Pie, My favorite!

Another great book I read for October was Fang Girl by Helen Keeble. I actually won this book on Goodreads which was really exciting! This book was fast paced & a great laugh. The characters were so funny & it had a lot of action. It was basically about a girl who wakes up in a coffin to realize that she is now a vampire. Jane is trying to adjust to her new vampire body & her blood cravings, while being attacked by vampire hunters who would do anything to see her dead. Throughout her ordeal she is constantly entertaining.  


Friday, October 19, 2012

The Brown House

The Brown House by: Christy Sloat

     I wished I would have read this book in October for my to be read book list. This book was amazing & absolutely creepy. This book was fast paced all the way through and I love books like that. This book was a great Paranormal read.

Did I mention that this book is a series? I cannot wait until the 2nd book comes out. I emailed the author and asked her when the 2nd book is coming out and she said next Summer/ Spring 2013. And the book is going to be called The Red Key.

Brylee is the main character in this book. Her dad looses his job and her and her parents have to move to New Jersey into this creepy looking brown house. Everyone in her school is so surprised when they find out that someone is actually living in that house and they tell her that it's Haunted! While exploring the house Brylee meets a girl named Lyn, who tells her that the house is haunted.

*SPOILER ALERT* Kayla is actually a ghost. I guessed this way at the beginning of the book because it was obvious that no one else could see her & she kept disappearing really fast.

Weird & scary things start to happen in the house. She then meets her neighbors named Lyn & her brother Ephriam. They are around the same age as her & Lyn informs Brylee that her house is CURSED! Brylee & Lyn become really good friends & she soon start to date  her brother Ephraim. She has her 2 best friends to share all of her ghost haunting incidents with.

They try to break the curse together and to help the ghosts to finally find peace but things get from BAD to WORSE...

Now the 2 people she cares about most are the ones who are now cursed.
Time is running out & if she doesn't find a solution soon she will loose her best friend & boyfriend forever....

Until the next book. Happy Reading!   =)