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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


    So it's Halloween, and what am I doing? Absolutely nothing. So far we haven't had that many trick or treaters. And I'm busy eating all of the Reese's, My Favorite! This month has flew by. We ended up not carving a pumpkin this year. Time just got away from us.
     I love watching scary movies on Halloween, or just in general. I think I have actually seen the Halloween movie at least 6 times, thanks to my b/f who is a Scary movie maniac. He loves them including Freddy & Jason among many others. But movies I loved when I was younger was Hocus Pocus & Halloweentown. Halloweentown was on the Disney Channel. Hey I was born in the 80's & the movie was pretty good when I was younger. lol

     One thing I have always wanted to do is a corn maze. It would be so much fun but also creepy & a little scary all at the same time. Has anyone done one?? I don't know but something about Halloween brings the kid out inside of me. Anyways one day I will do this!

& I wish it was cold enough to have warm apple cider. I love this stuff!
I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!! Until next time. =)

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