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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Fake Fiance BY: Lisa Scott

My Fake Fiance *A Short Story* BY: Lisa Scott

     I found this book free on my Nook & I was pleasantly pleased with how good it was. Plus it was a quick read that I got through fast. This book is the 1st one of 5 books in the Wedding Flirts Series. I cannot wait to read the other short story series that she has.

     Samantha has been invited to more Weddings these past few years then she can count on two hands, but when Samantha's invited to an old friend's Wedding, (More like frenemey), she feels that she has to find a date and fast! Samantha doesn't want to show up looking like a loser and dateless and since the clock is ticking until her frenemey's wedding it looks like that is how it is going to be until she meets a cute guy at a bar that her roommate bartenders at. The two hit it off and Samantha hires him to be her fake fiance for the wedding.

     Everything is going great until they both start falling for each other for real. Can they tell each other how they really feel? And will Samantha be able to return the favor to her fake Fiance by pretending to be his fake Fiance?


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